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The Velasquez Law Firm, led by attorney Mark R. Velasquez, is a premier, multi-faceted law practice serving clients seeking legal help.  As a highly qualified and experienced Attorney, Mr. Velasquez is extremely attentive, understanding and aggressive when seeking justice for his clients. He provides compassionate and competent legal help in the areas of:

In order to determine whether you may be eligible for monetary compensation, please contact the Velasquez Law Firm to arrange a free consultation. Mr. Velasquez and his legal team will conduct a detailed interview during which time they will help you better understand your legal rights, and provide you with a realistic assessment of the possible outcomes as it pertains to your specific case. They will also describe the legal process and what steps can be taken next.

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If you have questions regarding your case, please call the Velasquez Law Firm at (619) 549-5765 or use our convenient email-form.

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