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Mark Velazquez, Esq, co-authored a book for pilots

Mark Velazquez, Esq, co-authored a book entitled Reviewing Techniques for Low-Time IFR Pilots Techniques That Are Learned but Forgotten.  The book aims to review flying techniques that were verbally stated in a pilot’s training program but with time are often forgotten by low time IFR users.

The book is in e-book form and can be gotten at the Aircraft Technical Book Company.


Published on December 10, 2013

Our San Diego Law Firm assists in development of an Android application

The Velasquez Law Firm assisted New Jersey based company, Appware Plus, LLC, in the development of an Android application for a calculator to assist attorneys and mediators determine the settlement value of a case.  The app is an invaluable tool for lawyers, clients or mediators.  The application calculates the suggested settlement value of a case based on the percentages and values the user inputs.


The operational procedure of the calculator can be found at the following web site:  It can be purchase at Google Play under Settlement Value.

Published on December 9, 2013

What’s on your wall?

I have always believed my office, which I spend more time in than I do at home, should be more than a box in a building.  An office should inspire its inhabitants, express a little bit about whom you are, make you feel happy, and provide a positive attitude.  While I am a law office, there is no reason why a law office must feel like a waiting room in a hospital.

When we moved into the offices in Symphony Towers we had a difficult time determining how to fill a 12 foot long wall.  Artwork was the answer.

We’ve filled our offices with art featuring San Diego artist, Liem Lesperance, Chinese artist and art professor Rebecca Ruige Xu, and New Jersey artist and Art Professor Geraldine Velasquez. The walls of our space are now full of colorful and original works.

The most interesting artwork is created by Liam Lesperance, and is truly unique.  The work, called ‘Latobius en Route’ consists of a variety of materials formed into pieces that appeal to the modern aesthetic. The composition may have you wondering: “What is going on here?”  But knowing my background in aviation, and with the downtown in your peripheral vision out of the 12 foot tall windows it becomes clear that the artwork is part sky, part ground, and part aircraft all in motion with the San Diego skyline.

Artist Liam Lesperance says,

“With my artwork I am constantly striving to produce a form using advanced techniques, hopefully to beg the question, ‘how was this created?’   With the photography I wanted to reference many historic, social, and personal ideas. A collage was the perfect medium to accomplish this. Not only was I motivated to include images which would appeal to the law firm’s clients but also it was important to me the composition be a source of musing and relaxation for Mr. Velasquez. Therefore, the entire piece is intended to act as a unique thought field, providing to a degree, an instant work break conducive to the task.

The design of this piece combines an exposed metal sculpture with wood framed symbolic images. The aesthetic of this piece is focused to compliment the dominate sky view in this high-rise office while presenting a strong professional appearance. The concept is to provide a medium which connects the earth and sky hinting at a theme of flight. The sky component is represented by the blue photographs and the earth component is represented by the green photographs. Rectangular photographic framing is used to create a physical contrast to the oblong metal sculpture, and play off the architecture of Symphony Towers and the buildings below. The historic images of Charles Lindbergh provide an appeal to the San Diego community while referencing Mr. Velasquez’s own personal story.”

Click here if you would like to contact artist Liam Lesperance

Published on January 23, 2013

San Diego Lawyer provides Law Clerk positions in Downtown

Each school semester San Diego Attorney, Mark Velasquez, provides an opportunity for law students to get hands on experience by providing Law Clerk positions at his practice.    The Law Clerk position provides help to practicing lawyers by assisting in client interviews, drafting and responding to discovery, participating in mediation, research and write pleadings and documents, and observing motions.  Some law clerks even become certified and appeared in Court under the direct supervision of Mr. Velasquez.

This process is an important part of training to become an attorney, because the law students gain real world experience before graduating to become an attorney.

Meet Gisela Acevedo, Law Clerk for the Spring 2013 semester.

Gisela Acevedo, Law Clerk

Ms. Acevedo is currently a 3L at California Western School of Law.  Ms. Acevedo received her Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Spanish Literature, from the University of California, San Diego in 2004.  While at UC San Diego, she was a Research Assistant for Professor Patrick Velasquez, an intern for Casa Cornelia Law Center and an intern at the Office of The City Attorney, City of San Diego.

Ms. Acevedo has volunteered in the San Diego community throughout her law school career including interning for the City Heights Community Law Project and the Employee Rights Center.  While at the Employee Rights Center, she represented low-income residents of City Heights in Unemployment Insurance appeals. She is also the former president of the La Raza Law Students Association, former Research Assistant for law Professor Andrea Freeman and an active member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA).  Ms. Acevedo was recently the recipient of the 2012 SDLRLA, Silvia Garcia Memorial Scholarship.

Published on January 16, 2013

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